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About ScaleUp Edge Community

Our Mission

We are a network of like-minded people invested in the success of ScaleUps. Whether you are on the C-Suite Team of a ScaleUp Company or motivated to be part of that C-Suite, you will gain a network to support you.


  1. Knowledge - This will help you to grow your professional career and solve scaling challenges.
  2. Connections - Joining a community allows you to expand your professional network quickly.
  3. Inspiration - ScaleUp Executives have limited time. This community will help you leverage, build, and maintain your network quickly.
  4. Resources - Quickly grow your team's competency as your company scales.
  5. Support - Being part of the ScaleUp Edge Community means you will be surrounded by people who know exactly what you are going through.

Find Your Edge

ScaleUp Edge will help you grow your network quickly which will help you leverage best practices and support.  It will give you the 'edge' as you ScaleUp.